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Horse Riding Ireland
Activity horse riding holidays in Ireland: Trail riding, Trekking,
Equestrian Vacations, Cross-country trail rides, Riding by the sea,
Foxhunting, Cross country jumping's
Three equestrian centres of Horse Riding Ireland are the
market leader in residential horse holidays in Ireland

Endless Beaches

Cross Country Jumping and Foxhunting

Killarney National Park

"It´s difficult to translate the charm and magic of Ireland on horseback"
Willie Leahy

Horse Riding Ireland was established in 1989, when three riding centres from different regions of the country decided to engage in group marketing internationally. It is now, and has been for the past number of years, the market leader in residential horse riding holidays in Ireland.

Horse Riding Ireland:
The centres are located in the Counties Galway, Sligo and Kerry with each destination offering diverse equestrian activities.

A large variety of horses and ponies, carefully selected to suit each and every customer's ability, are to be found at each stable.
Among them the famous Irish Draught, Irish Hunter and Connemara breeds, along with half breds and thoroughbreds.

Horse Riding Ireland
Our Offer for Riders and "Nonriders":

Horse Riding Ireland:
Galway and Connemara

Aille Cross Equestrian Centre:
Connemara Trail -Guided Trail Ride through the Highlands of Connemara
· Coast Trail - Guided Trail Ride along the Connemara Coast
· Horse Riding Holidays all year around - Aille Cross (Winter- Programme)
· Hunting - Foxhuntig
· Daily Horse Riding in Dartfield (1 hour, half day or full day)

Horse Riding Ireland:

Killarney Riding Stables:
· Daily Trail Rides in the Killarney National Park
· Guided Trail Rides in the National Park
· Killarney Reeks Trail - Guided Trail Ride through the Highlands of Kerry to the Ring of Kerry

Horse Riding Ireland:
Sligo and Donegal

Horse Holiday Farm:
Riding by the Sea
· Trail riding in Sligo - The Sligo Trail*
· Trail riding in Donegal - The Donegal Trail*
*Unguided Trail Riding

Five Counties Holidays:
Horseback Riding Lessons for Adults
· Horse Riding and English Language Tuition
· English Language Tuition for Adults

To find the appropriate horseback holiday for you, you should visit the Homepage of each riding centre.
Horse Riding Ireland has merged to cater for all levels of experience, from learners right through to the riding veteran.
The organisation prides itself in being able to provide a rather exceptional uniqueness in the variety of holidays on offer at all of their four locations and its main aspiration is that every guest has an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday while in their company.

At the equestrian centres of Horse Riding Ireland it is often possible to book horseriding holidays short time.
You can call, send an e-mail or fills the respective form: Enquiries and Reservations.

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