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Horse Riding Ireland:
Horse Holiday Farm, Sligo and Donegal
Self Lead Trail Rides in the North West of Ireland: Donegal Trail and
Sligo Trail - Free DVD about Horse Riding Holidays - Riding by the Sea -
Gallop on sandy beaches - Equestrian Vacations


Horse Riding Holidays

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On Donegal Trail

Horse Riding Holidays

Horse Riding Holidays (Vacations) with Horse Holiday Farm

Horse Riding Ireland - Equestrian Vacations in Sligo and Donegal
The Horse Holiday Farm is located in the most exquisite and unscathed part of the Green Isle - precisely on the North West Atlantic coastline.
The area is surrounded by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, mountains, green fields, golden beaches and clear waters of streams and mountain lakes.
From the Horse Holiday Farm you can ride for miles on sandy beaches in both directions.
You can trek along the lanes of the locality and mountains, lakes, waterfalls and historic castles and houses.
It is named Yeat's country, the land from which the legendary Irish poet drew so much inspiration. His aura still lingers in Lissadell House. In Drumcliffe Churchyard you should take a breather and read his epitaph: "Cast a cold eye on life and death. Horseman pass by".

The Horses:
The horse is the irreplaceable degree of this holiday.
Our horse will be yours for at least a week or for as long as you decide on staying.
Our horses are mainly Irish Hunters. We have a small number of Connemara ponies, they vary in height from 14.2 h.h. to 17 h.h. They are unblemished and enjoy galloping over miles of beaches.
We have horses to suit all riders of different abilities.
They are well-bred, mannerly, experienced and very sure-footed.

In order to participate in our Trail riders must be fit and able to trot, canter and gallop at ease, You must also be capable of taking good care of your horse: feed , groom and tack up.
On the Riding by the Sea programme riders must be minimum Intermediate standard, this programme is also suited to very experienced riders.
On all programmes children must be over 12 years of age and good riders and also must be capable of spending long hours in the saddle.

Riding by the Sea:
From the Horse Holiday Farm you can ride for miles on sandy beaches in both directions. You will get the opportunity to ride down along the picturesque sandy beaches and the minute inland trails.
For the duration of your holiday the horse is yours, therefore you may ride as much as you please everyday. Whether you come alone or in a group, you will have a holiday to cherish with lots of fun, adventure and relaxation.
For intermediate riders:
You will be given a horse which is harmless and peaceful in all way.

The unguided Trails are suited to a minimum of 2 persons - but, if you really would like to ride a Trail and you don't have a riding companion we have the possibility to help you find one on our Meeting Page on the Internet.

Sligo Trail*:
The Trail is well organised for you.
You will have three days directly on the sea and one day through the mountains and forests of Co. Sligo.
We have marked the route on your map and you will find corresponding markings in the terrain through which you will travel.
You will be given a list of farmhouses, where we will have pre-booked your accommodation. Here you will find a bed for yourself and a field for your horse.
You will be provided with all equipment for your horse and saddlebags for your luggage.
*Adventure on Horseback - Unguided Trail Ride

Donegal Trail*:
Emerald Isle - Land of colourful rainbows. In the North West corner of Ireland: Donegal, the wildest and most romantic of all Irish counties. Its austere melancholy is unforgettable! Setting off from the Horse Holiday Farm, riders will discover this region and all its beauty.

Look at the pattern of grey stone walls around the green meadows, pass by dark blue lakes, ride through boggy hills and valleys and across chocolate brown marshland. Ride along rugged coastline, rocky cliffs and on miles of sandy beaches stretching towards the horizon. Unforgettable highlight: the crashing gallop across the white sands.
Our trails lead you over low hills, through remote mountain areas and across vast boglands. They are exciting and relaxing in all kinds of weather, in rain, wind or sunshine. Anything can happen; the Irish weather is full of surprises.
Contact to the local people in Ireland is easy; the people are open and very friendly. Irish people love horses very much and they like to listen to the stories their visitors tell them. You will enjoy their hospitality.
*Adventure on Horseback - Unguided Trail Ride

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